Worried your dentist may be selling you on an oral appliance or CPAC brand just to make more money? This post is for you…

Most patients don’t know that their dentist has legal and ethical considerations when it comes to how they handle referrals and business deals in their practice. If your not sure why your dentist or sleep medicine physician may be recommending a specific product or service, knowing what you will learn here may help.

After reading the article linked below about your dentist’s legal requirements, patients should feel more comfortable asking these two questions BEFORE proceeding with treatment:

  1. Why have you selected this brand of oral appliance over all the others available? And,
  2. Why are you recommending it for me?

Listen for answer full of clinical experience, positive outcomes, and patient satisfaction. If you don’t hear it, then maybe you should consider a second opinion. It’s your health!

Thanks to my trusted legal adviser Jayme Matchinski and her co-author Dr. Ken Berley for allowing us to share this article. The complete article can be found on Dr. Berley’s website, here.

I hope you find this informative!

Sleep Better, Live Longer


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